Testing your car’s battery periodically is a good way to keep it from going dead when you least expect it.


Check your car’s battery terminals periodically for corrosion.

Tire Check

Improper tire inflation is one of the main causes of excessive tire wear, so it pays to check your car’s tires regularly.

Air Filter

Change your car’s air filter when it’s dirty, to keep the engine running efficiently and on less gasoline.


Check exterior lighting for burned out bulbs and headlights.


Extend life

You can extend the life of your car’s engine by changing its oil and filter at the recommended intervals.

Break Check

Have the front and rear brakes inspected periodically.

Belt Check

One of the most important drive belts in a car’s engine is the one that powers the cooling system’s fan and water pump and drives the alternator.  Have these belts inspected periodically.

Fluid Level

Check the fluid levels frequently. This would include oil, transmission, coolant, power steering and brake fluids.

Cooling System

Check your owner’s manual and drain, flush, and replenish the cooling system when your car requires it


The four tires of a car usually wear unevenly. To level out any unevenness that may develop and thus extend their life, rotate them according to the recommendations in the owner’s manual for your car.


Check for worn or damaged wiper blades and have them replaced before the next downpour.

Shock Inspect

If your car bounces excessively when you come to a stop or when you drive over a bump, its time to have the shocks inspected.